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Unintended Consequences of Overregulation on the Markets

Posted by Dick O'Connor on April 3, 2017
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The first quarter of 2017 is now in the history books. We have many uncertainties overhanging the economy and the real estate business; the government can’t seem to get their act together. The democrats are fighting the republicans, and the republicans are fighting the democrats, while the American people are on the sidelines trying to make ends meet. It seems very hard for me to believe that the government can’t effectively govern for the people. Tremendous regulations on the markets negatively impact the economy and make it harder for Americans to find jobs and afford both education and healthcare.

The real estate market is very uncertain, which is causing lack of inventory. Homeowners are laying back, not selling their homes, because of this uncertainty in the United States. It seems that prices have gotten a bit better in many areas, however prices on the higher end, seem to be consistently dropping. We still have many foreclosures and tremendous regulations in the real estate and job markets… even though the government says things are improving… the middle class is still getting wiped out because of almost no wage growth and lack of tax credits. I can imagine why we can’t improve the healthcare system; people have to realize that healthcare is very expensive. You cannot blame the drug companies, because they have to overcome tremendous regulations in order to get approvals. I would put the blame on the government, insurance companies and their overregulation.

The possibility of tax reform holds great promise for the future of our nation’s economy. People who are poor should not pay any taxes, and the middle class should have the biggest deductions. Any family who sends their children to college should get full tax deductions toward their education and living expenses. That would help the middle class tremendously, by giving them that write-off on their taxes. The upper class should definitely pay more taxes than they are currently. When the economy improves, things will get better and good jobs will be created.

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