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A Word of Caution - Home owners beware!

When you are selling your home don't go with the biggest, go with the best!

Don't be fooled by big name franchise real estate agencies, all of the salespeople are independent agents.  If you are selling your home you wantsomeone with knowledge and experience to handle the sale.  Someone who can handle any problem that might arise smoothly and efficiently.  At Dick O'Connor Real Estate you will be dealing with Dick O'Connor personally.  Do you know of anyone who dealt directly with the owner of any of the big franchises?

If you are in need of surgery would you go to the hospital and say "I don't care who does my surgery, I am just going with whoever works for this hospital."?  Oor would you want the best, most knowledgeable & experienced surgeon you could get?  Selling your home is also a big decision and you should list your home with the best, most knowledgeable & experienced Realtor.  Dick O'Connor embodies all of these qualities.

When you hire a salesperson he or she is an independent contractor working on commission only.  The only one that has an interest in selling your home is the salesperson that you select.  Why not select the best Realtor with a proven track record?  Dick O'Connor started his career in Real Estate in 1963 and has over 20,000 transactions!

Dick O'Connor only represents the seller of his listings.  He has a policy in his office that there will be no dual agents.  An attorney can not represent both parties in a legal matter and a Realtor can not represent both the buyer and the seller in a real estate transaction.  Even though this is permissible by law it is Dick O'Connor's firm beliefe that this can not be done.